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disaster preparedness kitDisaster Preparedness | Emergency

No matter where you live, disasters can and will strike sometime during your lifetime. The severity of a disaster will vary greatly; a common disaster you probably will encounter is a blackout. It may be good to take a look at some blackout survival kits. These kits will have the essentials you need to make life easier during times of a power outage; including important items like lighting, food and water.

If you live by forested areas another common disaster is a wildfire. It may a good idea to pick up a wildfire survival kit to help ease the evacuation process if this situation were to ever occur where you reside or travel.
Living by the east coast comes with the hazard of encountering hurricanes. Unfortunately, when hurricane Katrina and more recently hurricane Sandy hit, most people were ill equipped and unprepared for what would occur. A simple hurricane survival kit can help to make the situation easier to deal with and increase your chances of surviving until rescue.

As mentioned, situations can vary greatly; an important part of disaster preparedness is preparing for the specific circumstances which you will encounter; customizing your kits and adding items that will be useful in your environment is essential. A disaster kit is only as useful as how the user has created it to be.

bug out bagBug-out-Bags | Quick Escape Kits

A bug-out bag is usually used synonymously with the term survival kit. To bug out is retreat or quickly leave an area. Bug out bags are typically created with the intent to escape an impeding or occurring emergency such as a natural disaster, economic collapse or man-made disaster such as a war. As not being specific to any certain type of event, the common denominator in these kits is that they are easily transportable and accessible.

water purificatiion and portable filtersWater Purification | Water Storage

Water is the most important consumable, period. You can survive much longer without food than you can without water. Even though water may be all around us, it is not always potable (drinkable) and can make you sick if you drink it. We rely heavily on man-made water supply systems these days and most people do not have the knowledge or tools to create access to clean drinking water in the cases where the water supply system is not available.

When you encounter water outdoors you always face the gamble that the water is bacteria infected, even if it looks clean. There are several water filtration and purification systems that help take care of these problems and are especially useful for travelling.

There are also several methods and tools to capture and store water for home use (before filtration). Additionally, you can check out a few water tools that clean out excesses found in the water supply such as chlorine, fluoride and arsenic.

solar chargers and portable gasoline generatorSolar Chargers | Portable Solar Tools | Power Generators

Access to power is also another luxury that most people take for granted. Electricity and fuel provide many key functions in providing warmth, food preparation/refrigeration, lighting and emergency communications.

Whether you are going outdoors and want to have a backup for charging your electronics, preparing to deal with a blackout or stocking up on tools in the event of a complete economic collapse, portable and renewable energy resources will be something you need to look at. In some case you may even want a power generator that runs off of gasoline in order to meet immediate electrical needs.

survival books and dvdSurvival Books | Survival Guides

Knowledge is probably the most important part of survival. While most of the kits we sell are easy to use and require little to no instruction; the broader scope of long term survival requires learning and using certain skills. As the old Chinese proverb says "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

By expanding your knowledge and skill base you will not only make the most of the survival gear and kits that you own but also prepare yourself to make survival tools out of unconventional objects in resource-scarce times. Other survival books address important topics like growing your own food, self defense and first aid.

Survival Tools

There are numerous other survival tools that can be useful to you in a disaster situation. From flashlights, to radios and battery packs, we've got a couple items that you may want to pick up.


auto emergency kitEmergency Car Kits | Auto Emergency Bags

An emergency car kit is a must have for every vehicle. One of the last places you want to be is stranded away from your home, family and survival gear. Most car survival kits come with the basic necessities such as jumper cables and lighting.

Several automotive emergency kits also come with extras such as food and water which are key if you are stranded and may have to wait a while for help to arrive. Surviving in your home may be easier because you can find many resources to get through a disaster; but being stranded on the side of the road will pose a much greater challenge for those without a car survival kit.

office and classroom lockdown kitOffice/School Lockdown | Bucket Packages

In some disaster situations it would be wiser to stay put and wait for rescue. Sometimes these situations may occur when you are at your office or school. When waiting for rescue is the best option, a bucket survival kit will help increase the chances of survival for your and others around you. Most of these kits from with some basic water, first aid items and a bucket for bodily waste.

first aid survival kitFirst Aids Kits | First Aid Accessories

First aid kits are a must have for any situation. This goes for every activity and every location. The smallest of cuts can cause a serious infection in some circumstances. Several of the survival kits we carry already contain first aid items; others can always be supplemented with more comprehensive first aid kits. Whether it's a camping first aid kit or cabinet first aid kit; it's always a good idea to have one wherever you are.

search and rescue kitC.E.R.T. Kits | Trauma Medical Units | Search & Rescue Kits

Community Emergency Response Team kits are designed to help in the search and rescue of people during disaster situations; especially earthquakes. Trauma medical units are very large first aid units that can be used to help address initial injuries and circumstances of large scale disasters that leave many people in shock or worse. These are recommended for anyone who considers themselves up to the challenge of helping out their community in a disaster scenario.

long term food storage and survival seedsLong Term Food Storage | Survival Food | Preparedness Seeds

Our food supply is incredibly interdependent and complex; with almost all of it being imported from locations that are outside of the reasonable travel range for an ordinary person. In simple terms: We are very far away and far removed from where our food is grown. It is estimated that in the event of a catastrophic or major supply chain disaster the local grocery stores would only have enough food stocked for 3 days. When you take into account panic buying and looting you'll be hard pressed to find food in a disaster situation.

Having freeze dried food is important in urban centres where you may find yourself stuck in the same place for a while. Preparedness Seeds are also useful for those who want to grow their own foods in their yards. Even for ordinary scenarios such as getting stranded in the woods or on the side of the road, it's a good idea to have some food packed into your survival kit.

camping survival tools and kitsCamping Kits & Accessories | Camping Survival

When you're far away from urban centres, having a contingency plan is crucial. Extra factors come into play that have to be mitigated when you're camping such as: distance and accessibility to hospitals, poor communication, fewer people around who may help, lack of low-risk ready meals, exposure to environmental circumstances and animals.

A camping kit can be created to make to make camping more comfortable or can come in the form of a camping survival kit that is geared towards emergency situations and disasters. In either case, camping should be enjoyable for both recreational users and survival enthusiasts.

dog and cat survival kitPet Safety

Many of us have animals that we love and care about, in case of a disaster situation we cannot forget about their wellbeing. There are several kits and instructional materials that will be useful in keeping your pet alive during an emergency situation. These kits include essentials like collars, leashes, food, waste bags and even first aid kits for pets.


build your own survival kit customBuild Your Own Survival Kit

When you want to make that perfect kit just for yourself; customize it just how you like it! We have a variety of military surplus and survival items including backpacks, gas masks, torch lights, knives, fire starting tools and portable water purifiers and much more. We may also be able to further customize your order outside of the options available on the website, just email us and we'll see if we can make it happen!


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